Ohai, Mystery Box!

2011-05-05 17:58:47 by GymMasterAlex

I'm skipping ahead to the good parts - here's what was in the box:

2 Newgrounds logo stickers
1 Dr. Fetus sticker
1 Mindchamber patch
1 Dad sticker
1 advertisement for Sean Baptiste's "When I Grow Up" pilot
1 Newgrounds postcard
Mystery Box Panic Situation #74 (which came in handy for the next item)
1 Newgrounds shirt, a ladies Small (I plan to give it to a hot date)
1 Fresh Batch CD, The Rodman Session (Jesus Christ, recorded in 2001? The band's website is also defunct.)
1 bag from Jung's Produce & Grocery Co. in Philadelphia (lol wut)
1 Nips candy (delicious)
A photo of Wade Fulp holding a Pimpin' Six Huns DVD (y u no include DVD?)
A photo of RicePirate holding a Bamboo Pen & Touch with "DRAW STUFF OR DIE!" written on the photo
Said Bamboo Pen & Touch

All in all, this made my day. One of the NG stickers is headed to my car, the Nips headed into my stomach.

Oh, and RicePirate... I'm drawing everything. Twice. Thanks a ton.

Ohai, Mystery Box!